Get in Touch

Local volunteers are essential to the success of a Neighbourhood Plan, and to put it quite simply a Neighbourhood Plan is impossible without them. 

The Steering Group has attracted a number of local residents, from across Stanton St Quintin, to begin addressing what is needed for the plan. It is anticipated that activities in producing the plan will continue until about March 2019.  Although some specialist skills are required for particular activities, what is always needed is a group of people with enthusiasm and ideas, unafraid to speak out in a group.

No ideas are bad ideas, no comments are unimportant!


It's important that the Steering Group is a truly representative cross-section of Stanton St Quintin village residents to ensure we act according to the wishes of the community as a whole and produce an effective and sustainable Neighbourhood Plan.

If you're able to give us some of your time, if you'd like to help us secure the future of the community please get in touch. Come to the monthly meetings or send us an email for information about where and when the next meeting is to be held.