Stanton St Quintin Parish


In developing the neighbourhood plan both the Parish Council and the Steering Group will be addressing the area of land, the settlements, and, importantly, the feelings of the residents who dwell within the royal blue lines. These blue lines represent the boundary of Stanton St Quintin Civil Parish.

The map clearly shows that Stanton St Quintin is a rural community, a large amount of farm and woodland with small concentrations of housing.

While recognising that we cannot, and do not wish to, halt economic progress and development, the aim of the Parish Council, through the Neighbourhood Plan, is to ensure growth complements those aspects of the parish that make Stanton St Quintin an attractive place in which to live, to work and to bring up our families.


Stanton St Quintin Parish is comprised of two main settlements, Stanton St Quintin to the west and Lower Stanton St Quintin to the east and some small outlying regions. The Civil Parish covers 1,807 acres (731 hectares) and lies between Malmesbury,  approx. 5 miles to the north, and Chippenham, approx. 4 miles to the south. The southern edge of the parish is bounded by the M4, with part of Junction 17 falling within. The highest point of the parish (118 metres) lies to the west and the lowest (77 metres) lies to the north-east. A rural location, the village is home to a handful of farms and, in earlier times, employment was found in the quarries.


The village and manor is mentioned in the Domesday Book, although the place name suggests an earlier Saxon settlement in the area. The manor passed to the de St Quintin family in 1095, and the family name was recorded as being used as a suffix to the place name as early as 1283. The old manor house was demolished in 1856 to be replaced with a farmhouse which is now Stanton Manor Hotel.

In 1935 the Air Ministry, noting the flatness of the area, bought Bell Farm and 168 acres of land to build an aerodrome. That was the start of the village's relationship with the MoD based at Buckley Barracks. With changes to the country's defence structure, part of the 1935 land requisition has been sold. The airfield is no longer in use.

Published history of Stanton St Quintin parish can be found on British History Online (BHO) or on Wiltshire Council's Wiltshire Community History pages.